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Isola di Salina vista da Lipari
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Piazza sul molo di Salina
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Il " perciato " a Pollara
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Porto di Salina
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Le nostre acque cristalline
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Laghetto di Lingua
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Il nostro mare...
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B&B Goletta was born in 2014. The "Goletta" was a traditional shelter for barquentines or schooner barques, sailing vessels, with three or more masts, used by the DONATO family - at the beginning of 1800 - to sail Sicily coast, Tunis and Trieste.

The location is renowned for relaxing surroundings, comfortable bedrooms and great service.The staff are mostly friendly and helpful in providing information.

Forgetting daily routine, relaxing far away from hustle and bustle.


B&B Goletta is dedicated to the memory of our father "Captain DONATO".


Fausto and Davide DONATO

storia goletta salina

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