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Isola di Salina vista da Lipari
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Piazza sul molo di Salina
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Il " perciato " a Pollara
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Porto di Salina
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Le nostre acque cristalline
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Laghetto di Lingua
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Il nostro mare...
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Salina is an island in the Aeolian Islands, north of Sicily, southern Italy. It's the second largest island in the archipelago. Salina is also the greenest of the islands, famous for its starring role in the 1994 film Il Postino. 


An island of raw scenic beauty with dramatic volcanic cliffs plunging into the sea, sleepy villages amidst verdant mountains, colorful fishing boats on pebbly beaches, hills covered in wild capers and vines heavy with grapes for sweet malvasia wine. Areas on the island, including the two mountain peaks, were designated as a natural reserve in 1981.

An island to explore, best for trekking or sightseeing boat tours.

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